THREE FOR THE ROAD - “Three for the Road” is an R-rated buddy comedy in the vein of Todd Philips THE HANGOVER and ROAD TRIP, and Judd Apatow’s SUPERBAD and KNOCKED UP. When 30 year-old Jack is dumped at his “Star Wars”-themed wedding for being “too immature”, things seem as bleak as they did at the end of “Empire Strikes Back”. His best friend since forever, Ben decides the only way to cheer him up is to invite Jack on the cross-country trip that he and his own fiancé have been planning for the last few months. It was supposed to be Ben and Kara’ s romantic, one-on-one time before their wedding. Instead, their road trip becomes a battle for Ben’s affection between his best friend and his best girl. On their way to Los Angeles, Jack’s antics provide a catalyst for each of them to learn a little something about love and the true meaning of friendship.

GENRE: Comedy


Paul Rudd
Zach Galifinakas
Chelsea Handler
Heather Graham