SMILE - Lucas Huber, a Sears portrait studio worker from Kalamazoo, struggles to find true happiness with wheel-chair bound Jana Parks as he and slacker friend Johnny Raju spend their days going nowhere.

LUCAS and his best friend JOHNNY work at a portrait studio in the mall in stale suburban America. When not taking pictures of bratty kids with neurotic parents, Lucas and Johnny spend their time performing amateur DJ stints and having dinner at their parents’ houses.

Lucas is in a rut, and feels even more hopeless when he learns that his ex-girlfriend, STEPH, is engaged to cheese ball DALLAS. Lucas’ lingering feelings for Steph are further complicated by middle aged Dallas’ attempt at forging a friendship with unwilling Lucas.

Just when Lucas starts losing hope, he meets wheelchair bound JANA. Jana is spunky, sarcastic and independent; completely opposite of Steph. Lucas, Johnny and Jana quickly develop a friendship. Despite the obvious chemistry between Lucas and Jana, Lucas can’t seem to get his ex out of his mind. Smile’s dry humor and quirky characters tell a modern love story; in the vein of Juno, 500 Days of Summer, and Garden State.


LUCAS: Zachary Levi, Lee Pace, Bret McKenzie
JANA: Alia Shawkat, Linda Cardellini, Aubrey Plaza
JOHNNY: Aziz Ansari, Maulik Pancholy, Kal Penn
STEPH: Kristen Bell, Mena Suvari, Allison Mack
DALLAS: Will Arnett, Kevin Nealon, Jim Gaffigan
COOKIE: Catherine O’Hara, Becky Ann Baker, Allison Janey
BRAD/BENTON: Andy Richter, Andrew/Luke Wilson