SMILE - Lucas Huber, a Sears portrait studio worker from Kalamazoo, struggles to find true happiness with wheel-chair bound Jana Parks as he and slacker friend Johnny Raju spend their days going nowhere.
THREE FOR THE ROAD - Three for the Road” is an R-rated buddy comedy in the vein of Todd Philips THE HANGOVER and ROAD TRIP, and Judd Apatow’s SUPERBAD and KNOCKED UP. When 30 year-old Jack is dumped at his “Star Wars”-themed wedding for being “too immature”, things seem as bleak as they did at the end of “Empire Strikes Back”. His best friend since forever, Ben decides the only way to cheer him up is to invite Jack on the cross-country trip that he and his own fiancé have been planning for the last few months.
Weekend of Sept 27- Sept 29, 2013
Rank. Movie Title (Dist.)
Weekend Gross | Total Gross

1. Cloudy w/ Chance of Meatballs 2
$34 million | $34 million

2. Prisoners
(Warner Bros)
$10.8 million | $38.5 million

3. Rush
$10 million | $10 million

4. Baggage Claim
$9 million | $9 million

5. Don Jon
$8 million | $8 million

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''Around- the- World Brief: "Potter" passes "Rings" - saw a lot of action in its opening over the weekend, busting more moves than fellow debut Step Up 3-D, while Inception continued to be the exception with another small decline. Overall weekend business, though, was relatively soft for the time of year and was down ten percent from last year, when G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was unleashed.
Film industry reels in new residents - They are the pioneers, the first wave of people moving to Michigan to make movies, TV shows and video games. If the state has a shot at becoming Hollywood North, they want to play a leading role.

These actors, set builders, location managers and other creative types are filling a critical void in Michigan. Its fledgling entertainment industry needs experienced workers.

More spent on cinema than on home video last year - Consumers' appetite for moviegoing is surpassing their spending on movies on homevideo for the first time in more than a decade, according to media analyst Adams Media Research.
Mich., Detroit have so much to offer - "Instead of all the bad press that I have read and heard about, I found a fantastic, if somewhat challenged, city that is full of generous and kind people who have a great work ethic and an ingenuity to make more out of less."
New York City's film business in a cliff-hanger? - At least seven feature films, including Sex and the City 2 and Wall Street 2, and 16 television shows are shooting in New York right now. But the city's lucrative production business could soon end up on the cutting room floor.
Michigan Moves from Cars to Stars - Incentives turning state into Midwestern Hollywood. With its once-vaunted automobile industry on the brink, Michigan these days is less about cars and more about stars. In a move to diversify its beleaguered economy, it has embraced the entertainment biz and joined the multitude of states offering lucrative tax incentives to attract film and TV productions.